Mind Over Matter

We as humans are amazing. We create so much in this world, develop new technologies, build the tallest buildings, design the most advanced computers. We do all these things in the physical world, but what affect does our consciousness have on the world? I’m sure you agree that we couldn’t create anything without our minds, without being able to think, rationalize, problem solve. However, I think people often do more harm than good with their thoughts in today’s world. How many people have “depression” or “anxiety” today? I’m sure we have ALL struggled with these emotions at some point in time. But, I’m going to tell you something that might set you free.

You control your mind. In fact, it’s probably the only thing that we CAN control in the world. These external forces, the physical world, at the fundamental level are an illusion. We now know through science that all matter is made up of tiny atoms. These atoms are buzzing and moving around constantly and we have no control over them… or do we? Think about the placebo effect – people think they are taking medicine, and some people actually RECOVER from their illnesses after taking placebos! So, the brain or thought that you are taking medicine IS the medicine. How can this be?

I want everyone reading this to try something out today. Think about beauty and happiness ONLY. When you look at something, anything – a tree, another person, a flower, a mountain, the stars, even a rotten piece of fruit (the fractal seeds are in there!) – think about how amazing it is. How amazing it is that we are all here, living together, connected through our minds. When you feel a negative thought creeping in, let go of it. What do you need, at a fundamental level? You don’t need money, you know you’ve survived without it before. You don’t need that expensive bottle of wine at the bar or that name brand T-shirt. What you need is water, food, love. And you have all those things, right here, and you know it. This world was designed for us to enjoy! Please enjoy it, if not for me, then for yourself! The more positive energy you project, the more that will come back to you, I guarantee you. Think about your problems… now realize why they aren’t problems, there are just LIFE! And LIFE is AMAZING!


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